• Meeting Updates

    January 21, 2017
  • January 2017

    Well, we are certainly starting off the new year by getting things done. Hopefully you have been keeping up with the emails from management, the Mystic Cove facebook page and our new website at Mysticcove.net. We are keeping everyone informed of neighborhood and community news. If you know of anything you would like to share, please let a board member know.


    Our first board meeting of the new year was January 18, 2017. It was a long – 3 hour – meeting but we got a lot done. Some of the issues addressed were:

    Stone fascia for the entrance wall

    We unanimously selected a stone insert to replace the teal green tiles on the wall and we will be adding it to the gate columns. We are putting it out for bids and hopefully we can get started on it soon.

    Entrance Landscaping

    We again, unanimously decided on design improvements for our landscaping around the front entrance and along the outside walls. We have the design concept in mind but we are getting bids and suggestions from professionals as to the final details. The landscape committee, which includes two current board members Karen and Donna, as well as former board member Ann Castaldi and Lorraine Kane worked with the rest of the board to solidify a plan. Work on the landscaping will occur after the wall fascia is complete and review of all bids.

    Dock Parking clean up

    We will be meeting with the landscaping company to clean up and detail some of the area around the dock parking and dock entrance area. It has gotten overgrown over the years and needs some attention.

    Tree Trimming

    Many trees in the neighborhood are growing over the road. While they look beautiful, we are asking homeowners to trim the branches hanging over the road to a 12 foot clearance from the road surface. The branches can still hang over the road, just trim them up a little.

    Entrance Oak up lights

    We are getting bids for up lighting (tastefully) the six oak trees inside the entrance and perhaps others that would benefit. This is a small project that we would like to get completed before we start the landscape project. We all feel the wall lighting is too bright for the trees so we will find a dimmer alternative

    Kingsley St. preserve signs

    We will be installing new signs along Kingsley st. We have had a lot of people dumping tree trimmings and trespassing into people’s yards from Kingsley street. While it won’t stop them, it will give the homeowners at least the right to call the authorities once it is properly posted. This is also a liability issue If someone gets injured on our property, they can sue the HOA and we would be liable.

    Our next meeting will be Tuesday February 7, 2017 at 9317 SE Mystic Cove terrace.